MEKAR 2015

" Kembara Hamba Mencari Pencipta "

April 6-8, 2015 in Wales, United Kingdom

about MEKAR

Mesra Kembara or abbreviation to MEKAR is an annual program organized by HALUAN UK/IRE to provide an understanding and awareness to the Muslim community, especially Malaysians residing in United Kingdom. In MEKAR, each participant will be provided with materials and inputs in order to strengthen their identity as a Muslim believer in this challenging day, through various modules that have been designed along the event.





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L & A Outdoor Centre
Port Talbot, West Glamorgan SA13 2YP
Wales, United Kingdom

The surrounding hills are covered with one of the largest forests in Wales and form part of conservation area with a number of reservoirs and wildlife in abundance.


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Hurry Up! Only seats left


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